Friday, October 15, 2010


800px-Motherhood_and_apple_pie.jpgNothing is more American than baseball and apple pie.
The Phillies are once again for three years in a row the defending NL champions. What better way to watch the series than with a slice of warm apple pie and scoop of vanilla ice cream!  I was fortunate to pick some delicious apples this past weekend at Styer's Orchard and they are perfect for pie baking.  My family and long-time customers love the crumb topping with it's soft and crunchy texture and spicy, buttery flavor. 
Apple Crumb Pies are now available for you to buy and enjoy with friends, family, and baseball!  E-mail me to order one.

Wednesday, October 6, 2010


Weekly Offering: Shoofly Pie
If you would like to order a ShooFly Pie
Please e-mail me your orders by Thursday, October 7th.  
Limited quantities, so order soon.

Shoo-Shoofly Pie....

Recently, I've been getting a lot of requests for Shoofly Pie and I gotta say that there have been some varying opinions as to what the darned-tasty stuff really is.  "It's got molasses in it, right?" Yes. Yes it does.  It also has flour, brown sugar, egg, soda, water and shortening. A very simple, down-home recipe.  Just a handful of simple ingredients, really.  
However, a good Shoofly is more than just throwing any kind of ingredients in there that you have on hand.  It takes careful consideration.  Trust me on this- it's easy to mess it up.  If you use dark brown sugar AND full flavor molasses, your pie is gonna be really muddy, kinda tar-like.  I like to use a good balance of light brown sugar (Domino is the best because it's always nice and moist and doesn't clump up) and a combination of mild and full flavor syrups (try Brer Rabbit brand- best flavor I've found plus there's a really good molasses cookie recipe printed on the side of the bottles).
So now I come to the great Shoofly controversy!  
Wet Bottom vs. Dry Bottom
A thick sticky bottom with a cake-like                  A moist cake-like consistency           middle and crumb top.                                  throughout with a crumb top.

Clearly, the wet bottom wins. When I think of Shoofly pie, I think of a slice of sticky, sweet, gooey goodness.  And anyway, you can have cake anytime.... 
If you don't believe me, ask Dinah Shore.  

Saturday, October 2, 2010

Pie Times

Yo Yo Yo!  My name is Carolyn and I make pies.  I've been making them for quite a while now and it's been a year since I started selling them.   The process of making the crust, rolling it out, crimping the edges- it's all very therapeutic for me.  I get my best thinking done when I'm baking.
Although this blog is dedicated the progress of pie, other treats might be added as well.  I like to think outside of the pie-box.  So, what I'm hoping to do here is show you what I'm making and talk about pie n' stuff.